Thursday, 16 April 2015

Physical Fitness

Firstly people will feel somewhat difficult to workout in orbitrek elite. But practicing 30 minutes in morning and 30 minutes in evening will helps to burn 820 calories per hour. Doctors recommends patients who suffering from diabetics, blood pressure and cholesterol. People have come forward to point out the pitfalls regarding some gym equipment. Some kind of gym equipments have designed essentially to rest our arm while working.


• Simulates Walking and Running with Zero Impact on Knees and Joints. 10 Minutes of work-out in Orbitrek Elite is 300% more effective than 10 Minutes of walking.

Total Body work-out. Targets arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, back and thighs.

• Combines slimming & muscle sculpting. Certified to give Cardio- vascular workout. Highly recommended by Doctors.

• Reverse movement, to target different muscle groups.

• Turn & Burn resistance – burn a maximum of 820 calories in 1 Hour.

• Compact size – Ideal for even the smallest apartment. “Easy-Glide- Wheels” helps to roll it just about anywhere in your home.

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